IIresine celosia and petiveria alliacea – basic activators in the maturity of dendritic cells.

Vitaceptin – a natural product from iresine celosia and petiveria alliacea

Conventional treatment of oncological diseases with chemo- and radiotherapy is without a doubt essential. Yet, once a patient has undergone such therapy multiple times, their body’s condition resembles that of a body that has sustained a nuclear attack. Cancer cells are destroyed together with the useful bacteria and cells, which partially form the basis of the immune system. Cells are blocked by a huge amount of toxins. Parasites multiply rapidly and block the immune system’s normal function.

Doctors of medicine have always been faced with the key question of when a product will be developed that will not only efficiently relieve the patient’s condition but will also help prevent a number of adverse effects of chemotherapy (vomiting, fatigue, lack of appetite, gastrointestinal problems, anaemia, etc.?).

MedicalPharm took this issue to heart and created Vitaceptin®.

It has a natural base of biologically active components – Iresine celosia and Petiveria alliacea, intended to work in conjunction with standard medical methods for the treatment of oncological diseases.

Vitaceptin®‘s natural ingredients serve as a main activator for the maturity of dendritic cells. Until now, this method was used for vaccines, but in the past few years it has been used in the fight against the insidious disease. In brief, dendritic cells provide the main antigen of T-cells, which are part of acquired and congenital immunity. Together with B-lymphocytes, they support immunological memory. Certainly, these are not the only benefits – Vitaceptin® stimulates the activity of the immune system by stepping up the production of NK-cells, which are natural killers.

The effect of Vitaceptin® …

Vitaceptin® helps eliminate a number of negative symptoms, improves the function of the digestive system allowing it to digest the nutrients central to the body’s revitalisation and simultaneously precludes the possibility of anaemia. It enhances liver function, thus regulating hepatic enzymes and helping the body rid itself of newly-created toxins following chemo- and radiotherapy.

Undoubtedly, the goal of creating Vitaceptin® is to help solve key global issues like tumour disease. Having zero toxicity, 100% natural ingredients, and highly notable anti-tumour properties, Vitaceptin® has earned the trust of a number of prominent specialists and their patients.